01/24/17 1:38pm
Here's your chance to get a free burger and skip the line. Via Shake Shack Twitter.

Here’s your chance to get a free burger and skip the line. Via Shake Shack Twitter.

New Yorkers love standing in lines, and we never got that Rory Gilmore article about lines to figure out exactly why. One of the most famous lines is Shake Shack, the burger chain beloved by tourists that neither shakes nor is an actual shack (discuss). Now the company wants you to get out of line and get online, and they’ll give you a free burger for it.

DNAinfo reports Shake Shack is giving away free burgers to promote its new order-ahead app: Just download the Shack App, create an account and use the promo code “shackappy” and boom! artery clogging food without having to wait in a line. (more…)

11/16/16 5:00pm
image via pixabay.

image via pixabay.

Do you have a zest for life and passion for what you do? Do you want to date similarly oriented people? This new awesome dating app developed in Amsterdam might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

The Inner Circle is a “selective dating platform” that vets all the newly registered users, and distances itself from apps like Tinder, Happn, and Once. (more…)

05/19/15 4:14pm
silicon valley

Are you the next tech genius, like these guys? via Facebook

Right now, the world is full of people who think they’re the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, and for all we know, you there reading this are one of those people. So you’ve got a great idea, since when has that mattered as much as being able to actually do something with the idea? Fortunately, if your idea is as good as you say it is, you’ve got  chance to pitch some of best tech minds in the city at an upcoming tech conference and win $50,000 to make your next Facebook into theory into the next great app that swallows the world in practice. (more…)

01/09/15 1:13pm
Finally, have good times like this on your schedule and not the bar's schedule

Finally, have good times like this on your schedule and not the bar’s schedule

Happy hour, we all love happy hour because it means cheap booze. And what is life without cheap booze? Honestly a horrible nightmare that shouldn’t even be contemplated, so we’ll just stop doing that. Sometimes though, you have the kind of schedule that keeps you away from bars around those magic three or four hours where the prices are shaved the booze flows extra fast. A bunch of enterprising young people have heard your cries though and have made a new app, Happy, that gets you an hour of happy hour-priced drinks when it’s convenient for you. Either that’s the best part, or the fact that it’s free is the best part, we’re not sure. (more…)

11/19/14 1:18pm
nick gilronan

Will this be the person delivering your package? Sadly, probably not. Photo by Mary Dorn

Hey you, with the out-of-town friends. Expecting some lovely Christmas gifts but can’t ever be home to sign for the UPS packages? Why don’t you just get your doorman to get it? Oh right, this Brokelyn, you don’t have a doorman. Well, don’t worry about it, because remember how we told you about Parcel earlier this year, that service that holds your packages for you and delivers them when you’re home? They’re launching the service in Brooklyn tomorrow. (more…)

09/08/14 9:43am

Not all cabs. via Flickr user Eric Konon

We just got done grading cab apps available around here, but the thing about technology is that it always keeps moving. Sure you can pay for your cab by credit card now, but can any app protect you from the problem of creepy (at best) and criminal (at worst) drivers? Well actually, there’s an app for that launching next week according to the New York Times, at least for female passengers. Called SheRides (not to be confused with the Danzig song), the app will employ an exclusively female staff that will only pick up female passengers. (more…)

09/04/14 7:00am

Which cab app will leave you happiest with your trip? via Hailo’s Facebook

We’re not big cab people, but those times when you’re late for a flight after oversleeping because you set your alarm clock for PM not AM, the extra dough is well worth it. Now that there’s a whole slew of cab apps (yay capitalism!), going from Downtown to your sister’s wedding or other urgent destinations need not be so cumbersome-on your wallet. Do all the cab apps offer the same thing just in different packaging? And how do they compare to the tried and true livery cab? We decided to find out for you. (more…)

04/02/14 11:01am
brian lehrer

Now you can take Brian Lehrer on the train with you without even thinking about it. via Facebook

It’s great and everything to have all of the music and all of the podcasts in the known world at your fingertips in a tiny computer, but all of that choice can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. Especially if you’re running to be somewhere, you don’t want to wind up being late because you couldn’t decide on listening to either How Did This Get Made? or Run the Jewels. But now the WNYC App‘s Discover feature takes the tough choices out of your hands, building you a custom playlist of WNYC programming based on your interests and how much time you have to listen. Plus then it downloads the playlist for you, so you can listen underground. We welcome our new soft-spoken overlords. (more…)

03/05/14 9:18am

$10 to use this bathroom in Crown Heights

This moment of the sharing economy was probably going to come at some point, so aren’t you glad you’re alive to see it: there’s finally an app that lets you rent your bathroom to strangers in need. AirPnP, which sounds like a joke but somehow isn’t, works on the AirBnB principle, but instead of violating New York state housing law, just invites strangers into your home to use your bathroom. For money. There’s only bathroom on the market in Brooklyn right now, so you better get yours up there before the market gets clogged (gross). (more…)

01/03/14 3:08pm
nick gilronan

On the other hand, sometimes it can be worth it to stick around for the delivery man. Photo by Mary Dorn

As one of our writers can attest to recently, it’s extremely frustrating to order something to be shipped to your apartment, only to not be around when UPS or FedEx comes knocking. Not if you have a doorman, we guess, but who actually has a freaking doorman? Enter Parcel, a new service that will pick your package up for you and then deliver it to your door when you’re actually home. On the one hand, this is the ultimate middleman act. On the other hand, it just might be worth an extra five bucks to avoid ever seeing one of those infuriating slips telling you your package couldn’t be delivered again. (more…)