10/29/15 10:16am

He’s got some fishy tales for you tonight

Last night’s baseball game didn’t go so long that it should have kept you up last night, but I get it if the result did. That being said, there’s no baseball tonight, so you may as well put your bad feelings about this Wolrd Series aside in a little box, consult the Brokelyn Events Calendar and go to something fun. Like one of these five events, maybe. (more…)

12/20/12 1:00pm
Not just a biscuit, but a driver of our economic engine. Photo by Sarah Gainer

Not just a biscuit, but a driver of our economic engine. Photo by Sarah Gainer

Those lengua tacos that you and your foodie friends found out about from the people who know those things is just the tip of iceberg in Brooklyn. A new report from the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce shows that the borough’s “Food Chain”—the sum total of all of our groceries, restaurants, cafes and food manufacturers—makes up for a whopping 12.5% of BK’s private jobs. That means that one in eight of the businesses in the borough is dedicated to bringing you gustatory bliss by way of bone marrow, vegan comfort food and Counter Culture coffee, along with every other conceivable ethnic and regional specialty and cuisine. (more…)

10/17/12 5:48pm

For an upcoming episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, the salty host and Brooklyn native Michael K. Williams (OMAR COMIN!) hit Crown Heights to taste some of the neighborhood’s famous, low-cost Caribbean food. Aside from just being an awesome pairing, who happens to show up but Jamie Hector, aka Omar’s arch nemesis Marlo Stanfield from The Wire. Ten minutes of dramatic, allegoric gun battles follow. JK! The two are actually friends, and Hector is a Brooklyn native too. And you thought being seated next to your one-night stand at Papacito’s was a strange coincidence. (more…)

05/21/12 2:36pm

Happier vibes prevailed on Sunday. Photo by Rachel DeLetto

In case you’ve been living under a Twitter-less rock all weekend and missed the complaints about the first Great GoogaMooga festival held in Prospect Park this weekend, here is the summary: The lines! There were lines, oh-so-many lines, lines that seemed to go on for ever and end in a kafkaesque slap when you got to the front only to find out the person in front of you got the last fried chicken bahn mi; and lines for beer, no, wait, lines just to get tickets to the beer tent, where more lines awaited, and if you wanted to put some food on top of that beer so you didn’t pass out, a Byzantine maze of lines stood between you and a tiny bite of porchetta sandwich.

By Sunday things seemed to be running more smoothly; the vibe of most everyone we talked to was relaxed, either because people knew what to expect or because they had lowered their expectations. Certainly the decision to ditch the absurdly complicated ticketing system for the beer and wine tents helped (buzzed people = happy people). So what did you think? A good outing for the first of what will likely become an annual free tradition, or something desperately in need of improvement? Here’s our breakdown below: (more…)