03/06/17 11:30am
Throw your hands in the air with Yalini Dream (#

Throw your hands in the air with Yalini Dream (#5)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Write your own bits at Do-It-Yourself Comedy: Come up with a funny premise, and if the host turns it into a joke, you get a free drink. Plus comedy from Liza Treyger, Nore Davis, Julio Torres, Lorelei Ramirez, and Chris Moore. (Monday, The Well, FREE)

2. Prove your smarts at Queerious March: Mysteerious Queertures, an LGBTQ-focused trivia night hosted by Ms. Quizzle with prizes, drink specials, and special guest Nyx Nocturne. (Monday, Way Station, FREE)

3. Proudly display your prettiest preserves at Cookbook Club Presents: Cured Magazine Issue 1, a celebration of all kinds of preserved foodstuffs with bites and drinks to try, plus plenty of foodies to schmooze with. (Tuesday, Archestratus Books & Food, FREE)  (more…)

01/16/17 12:48pm
Honor MLK with Lattice Crawford (#1) (pic by Damien L. Sneed)

Honor MLK with Lattice Crawford (#1) (pic by Damien L. Sneed)

1. Honor MLK all day: Start off at the 31st annual Brooklyn Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr., then head to the 13th annual A Shared Dream MLK Tribute Concert, with Vashawn Mitchell, Latice Crawford, James Hall, and more. (Monday, BAM/Walt Whitman Theater, both events FREE)

2. Or for something completely different, say konnichiwa to the Brooklyn Japanese New Year Festival, with a Shamisen sitar performance, folk dances, the Shishimai Lion Dance, mochi pounding, food vendors, crafts, and more. (Monday, Roulette, $15)

3. Combine your love of literature and music at the Bushwick Book Club, where John S. Hall, Terry Radigan, Don Rauf, Sweet Soubrette, and more perform songs inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s A Man Without a Country. (Tuesday, Barbès, FREE) (more…)

12/22/16 10:01am
Slash your way through the holiday weekend (#)

Slash your way through the holiday weekend (#9)

1. Get in the (un-)holiday spirit with a screening of Bad Santa — and if you want to redeem yourself with a double-feature, catch It’s a Wonderful Life next. (Friday, Syndicated, $3 ea)

2. Mix and mingle with artists and neighbors at the Open Source Soup Kitchen, a volunteer-made one-pot meal for all comers. (Friday, Open Source Gallery, FREE)

3. Learn how to stand up for others in this frightening new world at an interactive workshop on Bystander Intervention and De-escalation Training. (Friday, Silent Barn, by donation) (more…)

08/25/16 1:00pm
Get your giggles on with Reggie Watts (#3) (image via PopTech/Flickr)

Get your giggles on with Reggie Watts (#3) (image via PopTech/Flickr)

1. Take in some drama at the Bed-Stuy Theater Group’s August in August, with performances this weekend of “Two Trains Running” by August Wilson. (Friday in Fulton Park; Saturday in Herbert Von King Park, FREE)

2. Check out Smash Industries, a brand new community space, at a pre-opening party with music by Cutters, Forfeit, Zanois, and more, plus a visual art gallery, a mosaic-making room, and more. (Friday, Smash Industries, $10)

3. Laugh it up at the Brooklyn Comedy Festival, with shows all weekend from Knitting Factory to the Bell House starring Reggie Watts, Julie Klausner, Phoebe Robinson, and tons more. (Friday through Sunday, varies) (more…)

03/14/16 12:30pm
Falu will take you on a massive musical journey (#)

Falu & Co. will take you on a massive musical journey (#6)

1. Don’t think twice — it’s all right if you make your way over to C’mon Everybody for Monday Night Tribute: Dylan, with performances by 20 musicians including Maddy Wyatt, Shadow Monster, and Dillon Kondor. (Monday, C’mon Everybody, $10)

2. One of our very favorite Brooklyn lit events, Franklin Park Reading Series, is turning an incredible seven years old! They’ve put together a killer lineup to celebrate: Kelly Link, Alexander Chee, John Wray, Rachel Cantor, and Cote Smith. (Monday, Franklin Park, FREE)

3. There’s another entry in the comedy & artisanal booze combo: The Dan + Joe + Charles Show in a Williamsburg distillery. Comedians include Janeane Garofalo and Dave Hill; drinks include NY Distilling Co. gin and rye. (Tuesday, NY Distilling Co., FREE) (more…)

12/28/15 3:12pm
Let's do this, 2016

Let’s do this, 2016 (pic by Michael Galpert/Flickr)

1. Prove your rap mastery by belting out some rhymes at Brooklyn Bowl, where Josh Diggity hosts Hip-Hop Karaoke, which has been going strong since 2004. (Monday, FREE)

2. Get sultry at C’mon Everybody’s monthly burlesque show, tonight featuring Boo Boo Darlin’, Bettina May, and the Maine Attraction. (Monday, FREE)

3. Check out a queer performance spectacle at Hot Fruit, with go-go dancing, burlesque, and boylesque from Sparklez, Rify Royalty, Crush Is Ash B., and Monet Magnolia. (Monday, FREE) (more…)

12/07/15 1:19pm
HiChristina would like to eat some cereal with you (#)

HiChristina would like to eat some cereal with you (#6) (pic by Fritz Donnelly)

1. Nonprofit community biolab Genspace is hosting what promises to be a fascinating talk: Mars Ice House, an idea by which scientists from SEArch propose to build habitats out of ice on Mars to house explorers. (Monday, FREE)

2. For something just a tiny bit more insane, head to Annoyance Theater for Star Wars: Episode 1: Phantom Menace: The Musical, wherein everyone’s most despised film in the series is mashed up with the music of Annie. (Monday, $5)

3. City Reliquary, Brooklyn’s best home for obsessive collectors of the quirky and strange, hosts an opening for their newest exhibit, Like a Virgin: Madonnas and Madonna. Curator Kay Turner will discuss her obsession with both types of Madonnas, and showcase items from her collection of Madonna-emblazoned medallions, pillowcases, and socks. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

12/03/15 3:50pm
Little-known fact, this was Lucas' original vision

Little-known fact, this was Lucas’ original vision

If Star Wars ice cream and Star Wars in Machete Order isn’t enough to break your Star Wars fever, you’ve got our sympathy. We can’t wait for The Force Awakens either. That being said, we’ve come across an event so crazy it just might make you forget how close we are to a new Star Wars movie: next week, a theater group in Williamsburg will be turning Episode One: The Phantom Menace into a musical, using the songs from Annie(more…)

06/04/15 8:35am

Kites kick butt (#15), photo by Hein.Mück

1. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs on your way to Hyperallergic’s Lost Lectures, where you’ll hear from journalist Jon Ronson, urban explorer Steve Duncan, and Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino. (Friday, $50)

2. Don’t get swept away by the Cartoon Monsoon at Annoyance Theater. (Friday, $8)

3. What would happen if those summer nights were less, well, white? Find out in American Candy’s Grease 3: The Browning of Rydell. (Friday, $25) (more…)

03/20/15 4:18pm

Sorry, you’ll probably be waiting for a while. via Flickr user Chris Ford

The L train stirs some mighty special feelings inside us. Part of us loves it for the tremendous people watching potential. Williamsburg and Bushwick have some of the most fascinating creatures we’ve encountered, and we feel like there are many anthropology dissertations to be written on it. A bigger part, though, wants to curl up into a ball and cry and roll and cry whenever we think of the L train, especially now that it’s undergoing some sort of dramatic rebirth and not running at night for the next nine weeks. Annoyance Theatre hears our wimpers though, and they’re betraying their name by helping sooth your L train troubles. From now on, tickets to their shows will be buy one get one half off whenever the L train isn’t running. (more…)