01/18/17 11:20am
The end is nigh: Everything at American Apparel is deeply discounted from now until it closes

The days are numbered: The American Apparel on Flatbush Ave. Via Dan Nguyen on Flickr.

Better stock up tights and slim slacks now. If you’ve walked by an American Apparel store in the past month or so, you’ve seen those big signs announcing everything in the store is 40 percent off, a discount big enough to make you not regret the price you pay for a simple, if undeniably comfortable, T-shirt. That was before the retailer was sold off to Canadian company and maker of uncomfortable T-shirts Gildan last week. Now, layoffs have begun and all 110 outlets of the retailer are set to close, including the ones in Brooklyn.

A worker at the Flatbush Avenue store last week seemed optimistic the store might stick around (it won’t, based on news reports; stores may start closing in 100 days). When I asked when the 40 percent-off sale is ending, she said “I don’t think it is.” That means the process of liquidating American Apparel’s stock of slim slacks and hoodies and unitards is well underway, and discounts are only going to get steeper as the days tick by. (more…)

01/13/17 3:17pm
Lift the lid in the Pizza Party bathroom and urine for a surprise. Via instagram.

Lift the lid in the Pizza Party bathroom and urine for a surprise. Via instagram.

Bushwick’s Pizza Party, the sibling bar to Boobie Trap (which has been making its own headlines for haircuts this week), posted the above pic on Instagram today, saying: “Tired of cleaning up piss around the toilet so we thought we’d give ya a desired target.” The only problem is he probably likes it.

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03/17/14 3:17pm
american apparel

Something like this maybe, but MORE disaffected. via Facebook

Hey all you bored painters at there, do you specialize in painting pictures of sexually stimulating, similarly bored-looking young people? Have we got a job for you: Racked says that the management of the Williamsburg location of American Apparel wants a mural in the store, and they’ll pay you to do it and everything. In both money and in fun money (American Apparel gift cards). Finally, that art history degree is paying off. (more…)

09/09/13 1:09pm
Before you see your design on the catwalk, you've gotta start at the bottom. via Facebook

Before you see your design on the catwalk, you’ve gotta start at the bottom. via Facebook

Are you ‘in fashion’? No, but that’s what you tell folks back home? Well played, sir or madam, but maybe this fall is the right time to actually make the career in trendsetting happen. We’ve turned a discriminating eye on the fashion industry on your behalf and dug up a list of some of the fetchest internships out there so you can apply to them all with ease. You’ll definitely do some busywork, you’ll definitely have your outfits judged, you might get some free clothes, and, at a few of them, you might even get paid!

Here’s what’s out there:


10/30/12 1:26pm

Did the storm wash away your slim slacks? Restock today!

American Apparel, Brooklyn’s No. 1 source for hurricane supplies, has issued one of the first incidences of capitalizing on this storm which, in case you forgot, has killed 35 people in the U.S. and destroyed  a whole neighborhood in Queens. But hey, the cardigan economy is hurting too. What do we make of this, brokesters? (more…)

02/21/12 12:06pm

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01/11/12 7:30am

90 percent off. Like those models' clothes. Hey-o!

At the American Apparel Warehouse in Chelsea, the soft-core porn and cultural hegemony of the chain’s usual shops fade away in favor of bare, utilitarian, outlet-store style racks and racks of discounts. It was news to me this place even existed (oh the secrets of Manhattan!), so you should know the warehouse is holding a huge clearance sale that’s now been extended through Jan. 31, where every item from slim slacks to fleece vests is deeply discounted, some as much as 90 percent. Hoodies were 50 percent off, Ts were only $10, cardigans just $24 — crazy savings that may or may not have to do with the store’s legal troubles. More examples below. (more…)