10/27/15 11:38am
Bye, bye Miss Nutellasanga pie. via Facebook

Bye, bye Miss Nutellasagna pie. via Facebook

As we watched all of our favorite places close, we’ve at least been able to console ourselves by say, eating the pain away with a trip to Robicelli’s (9009 5th Avenue) for cupcakes or layer cake or even something crazy like Nutellasagna if we were feeling particularly down. But now we’ve gotten word that Robicelli’s is closing on Christmas Eve, with Allison Robicelli and her husband Matt moving their operation down to Baltimore. Shit, where are we supposed to eat our sadness away now? (more…)


Gaze into the abyss, the delicious delicious abyss. via Facebook

It’s Halloween time and beyond all those parties you have to make time for, you’ve also got to make room in your stomach for candy, so much candy. Of course, now that you’re an adult your tastes might be leaning towards something a bit more mature, something that sounds a bit more French. If that’s the case, Bay Ridge bakers (and makers of great holiday-themed stunt foods) is rolling out what they’re calling Pain au Halloween, or in English, candy-stuffed croissants. (more…)


Not with these though, these look great. via Facebook

Everyone wants their next food creation to be the next cronut or next ramen burger, anything but the next cupcake, because that’s how you go bankrupt. Of course, what’s the magic formula to making a food that people take Instagrams of themselves waiting on the line, buying the thing, eating the thing and throwing up because they are too many of the thing? No one quite knows, but dispenser of cupcakes and love advice Allison Robicelli is openly declaring her intention to make an Instagram-worthy, line-causing ridiculous food product at her Bay Ridge bakery (9009 5th Avenue), as part of Robicelli’s Jump the Shark Summer. This is so crazy it just might work. (more…)

11/12/12 3:02pm

Foster me!! Photo via Hurricane Sandy Lost & Found.

Two weeks have passed since Sandy slammed her path of destruction into our coast. With the distance of time and the reminder that high-profile figures are ridiculous people, the media attention is shifting away from the continuing urgency of need for many people in the hardest hit areas. The dedicated grassroots team at Occupy Sandy is working harder than any other relief organization to keep the people helping people momentum going. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for their email list for daily updates about volunteer needs. Here’s two ways animal lovers and chefs can help ongoing Sandy relief efforts.


02/14/12 6:00am

Allison and Matt Robicelli. Photo by Amber Marlow Photography.

When I was a little girl playing with dolls, dreaming about my wedding and thinking of what my future husband would be like, I did not take into account how different reality would be from fantasy. For one thing, we don’t have a hot pink dune buggy. I managed to fall in love about 10 years before I had “planned to,” so I didn’t already have a successful chain of restaurants under my belt by the time I got engaged at 24. (I still don’t.) Most of all, I didn’t plan that one day Brooklyn would get trendy and I’d be priced out of Bay Ridge, the neighborhood my family has lived in since the 1920s, that we’d be in a massive recession, and our American dream would be less about owning mansions on either coast and more about keeping our family together and heads above water in our hometown. (more…)