10/31/16 1:00pm
Apply now for a $368/month studio apartment in this fancy Greenpoint complex

Not shown in the rendering: you looking out the window of your new affordable studio. via 6sqft.com

Rent is due tomorrow, and you’re probably feeling the squeeze today— or at least asking yourself why you still pay $950/month to sleep in a closet.

But just in time for the last day of the month, there’s hope for a better future. Brick Underground reports that an affordable housing lottery is now open at Five Blue Slip, one of a trio of low-rise condos going up as part of that Greenpoint Landing mega-project that was announced last year.

102 affordable units are available in the building, and boast actually-affordable rent costs starting at just $368/month for a studio. Heck, that’s probably around what you pay for your artist studio or co-working space right now. And you can’t even shower or cook in those!

No one’s thrilled about losing a view to condos, even low-rise ones. But it’s happening, and the best way to stick it to the developers is to score a cheap unit at below market value.  (more…)

02/22/16 2:00pm
You could do this every day for $756/month.  via Youtube

You could do this every day for $756/month. via Youtube

We know, you probably didn’t think you could ever afford to live alone in this town. Frankly, neither did we. But Mayor Tall’s campaign for affordable housing is ever here to remind you that you still can. And for the first time since the terrible poor doors crisis of 2015, there are affordable units in prime Williamsburg!

DNA Info reports that 13 shiny new units of affordable housing are coming to a number of buildings spanning from the North to South ‘burg. We made a map for you so you can drool over all the locations, locations, locations and their proximity to trains (including J and M trains, since you won’t be able to rely on the L). Read on to figure out how you can have a place all to yourself, instead of being limited to the occasional absences of a terrible roommate like Bevvers.

02/09/16 3:50pm
Impress your friends with how nicely you live vs. how little you make! via website

Impress your friends with how nicely you live vs. how little you make! via website

If you’ve wandered around Fort Greene any time over the last year, then you’ve seen the eyesore of a building that’s been under construction for forever at Ashland and Lafayette. Well, guess what? It turns out that the city wants people to live inside, and on any budget. From the looks of their breakdown, almost half of units in the building qualify as “affordable,” priced drastically below market value (prices below)

250 Ashland is now accepting applications through April, so read on to find out whether you qualify, and what you can look forward to if you win the housing lottery. (more…)

01/19/16 3:18pm

21 Commercial St. in Greenpoint as of Dec. 2015. Image via New York YIMBY

“Affordable” apartments are few and far between in the borough, so every time they pop up it’s a big deal. DNAinfo is reporting that more than 100 new and renovated affordable (as in, actually affordable) apartments are now accepting applications, with rents as low as $494 (!!) for a waterfront studio in Greenpoint. Other apartments are available in Bushwick, Williamsburg, East New York, Bed-Stuy and East Williamsburg, but the deadlines are fast approaching. (more…)

12/10/15 1:51pm
brooklyn rent

Now, more than ever. Photo by Rachel DeLetto

Just as Jimmy McMillan took off his superhero cape and dropped out of public life, we’ve got some more bad news about the rent and how it’s extremely high. A new report from Comptroller Scott Stringer says that even the affordable housing plan that Mayor Tall is rolling out could wind up being out of reach for most of Brooklyn. Yes it’s just good news all around for everyone who can’t afford to own (which is pretty much all of us). (more…)

12/04/15 9:04am
If you lived here, you'd be home by now. And it would be 2016. And you'd be able to afford it. via Greenpoint Landing Associates

A gift to you: A way to live in Greenpoint without being a rich investment banker. via Greenpoint Landing Associates

Greenpoint Landing is coming whether you want it to or not, and if you’ve reached the “acceptance” stage in your thinking about the neighborhood being added to Greenpoint, it’s time to take the next step: taking advantage of what it can offer you. Specifically, below-market rate housing, with apartments as cheap as $494/month, $532/month and $647/month through the housing lottery that just opened for the project’s first building at 92 Commercial Street. Have you been a good human this year? Well then maybe Santa will bring you a winning housing lottery application. (more…)

11/23/15 11:56am
micro apartment

The good news is everyone who applied gets crammed in across the 14 apartments!

When we first found out about New York City’s teeny tiny micro-apartments, we were skeptical of the idea of living in a 400-square foot box. That skepticism has never really gone away, despite arguments that these are cheap-ish ways to live by yourself, free of roommates who have more sex than you or don’t do the dishes. Apparently though, lots of other people weren’t skeptical about the apartments, or were at least desperate enough to put that skepticism aside, because as an aside in an article about the apartments, the New York Times mentioned that 60,000 people applied for the 14 affordable units in the building. The affordable units that cost almost $1,000/month. (more…)

11/03/15 2:47pm
Will you live there long enough to see this kind of transformation of the Gowanus? Probably not

Will you live there long enough to see this kind of transformation of the Gowanus? Probably not

The surest way to never have to write an essay about leaving Brooklyn is to not get the kind of traumatic brain injury that lets you think that’s a good idea. The second surest way to do that is to not leave, but that’s getting harder what with it always being expensive to live here. So it’s time to take your shot at yet another affordable apartment, this time from the Lightstone apartment project at 365 Bond Street. 86 below-market rate studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments are waiting for you, provided of course you win a lottery. (more…)

10/20/15 2:10pm
People are going to live at this place one way or another. Will you be one?

People are going to live at this place one way or another. Will you be one?

Whenever there’s an affordable housing opportunity in the city, two things happen: There’s a horrendous feeding frenzy, and a big number of applications get thrown right in the trash because they’re filled out incorrectly. Bad enough to waste your time filling out forms and getting your hopes up, but to do all that and be almost instantly disqualified is even worse. It doesn’t have to happen to you though, not if you take advantage of a free seminar that will teach you how to at least fill out the form correctly (affordable apartment still not guaranteed). (more…)

09/03/15 10:39am
Live alone for $500/month! But you've gotta know how to apply first. via Flickr user jqpubliq

Live alone for $500/month! But you’ve gotta know how to apply first. via Flickr user jqpubliq

Affordable housing is something that plenty of us want, but few of us take the time to actually figure out. Especially what with everyone calling themselves “struggling artists” these days but also somehow paying rent on their studio apartments in Williamsburg, it’s hard to discern who all those $867 studio apartments are actually for.

But seriously, they could be for you. If you’re struggling to make ends meet on a low-end five figure salary, or you want to invest in a long-term living situation for a low-paying career, then hit up an affordable housing workshop this month hosted by Community Board 2. Brownstoner reports that the board is offering workshops for affordable housing applications, for the City Point Towers and beyond, all throughout this month. (more…)