04/19/17 11:28am
Rendering of 66 Ainslie Street via Slate Property Group

Rendering of 66 Ainslie Street via Slate Property Group

Like the American Dream itself, the city of New York continually conjures the vision for broke locals of the carrot on the stick that is affordable housing lotteries: so close you can taste it, yet just out of reach in reality. A new carrot has appeared today on the pending list of lotteries open and soon to open to application, this one in Williamsburg. (more…)

04/10/17 2:37pm

Do you like antlers? For this kind of rent, you’ll learn to love ’em even if you don’t. Photo via Nooklyn

Another day, another affordable housing lottery. This time it’s in Bushwick: 20 newly constructed units at 616 Bushwick Avenue, a development named the Saint Marks Apartments, are now accepting applications.

The lucky lottery winners will share the Apartments – a gut-renovated 1890 brick church and new elevator building – with luxury renters paying full price and who, according to unit stagings photos, really love their antlers and succulents. (more…)

04/05/17 10:01am
Photo via StreetEasy

845 Grand St. Photo via StreetEasy

The dream of affordable living in Brooklyn is just an application away, in theory. Those who apply for the two currently open subsidized apartment lotteries in East Williamsburg will likely be raindrops in an ocean of other hopeful applicants, but for the winners at least it’ll have been worth it. And those who aren’t chosen can live on the fantasy of affordability until they’re rejected – rather, not contacted. (more…)

03/20/17 6:09pm
Those Gowanus kayakers are not wearing hazmat suits, meaning they have no fear of death. Photo via 365 Bond

Those Gowanus kayakers are not wearing hazmat suits, meaning they have no fear of death. Photo via 365 Bond

Gird your loins: beginning tomorrow, an affordable housing lottery is opening for 54 newly constructed units at the massive, neighborhood-changing rental building known as 365 Bond. The lottery will undoubtedly be inundated by enough people to populate a larger-than average American town, but hey, applying won’t take as long as writing that leaving Brooklyn essay, and if you win a unit you’ll be able to actually afford to stay here. (more…)

03/02/17 4:09pm
Rendering by Aufgang Architects

Rendering by Aufgang Architects

Plenty of Brooklynites pay $1,247/month or more for the privilege of inhabiting a single room in a multi-bedroom apartment they share with strangers. The lucky winners of the affordable housing lottery for units in Dumbo’s 181 Front St. will pay as much for their own private three-bedroom luxury rental.

The lottery, open to applications as of tomorrow, has 21 newly constructed units available: nine one-bedrooms, eleven two-bedrooms and a single three-bedroom. Households of one to six people respectively making between $32,057 and $64,060 a year per family are eligible. The one-bedrooms rent for $895 a month, the two-bedrooms for $1,082/month and the three-bedroom for $1,247.

In addition to the fact that you’ll be paying the kind of rent money that usually earns you little more than a windowless basement shoebox of an apartment, the building also offers a host of amenities. There’s a gym, a playroom, a 24-hour doorman, roof access, bike storage and (for an additional fee) onsite parking. (more…)

02/13/17 2:46pm
Affordable housing lottery opens Downtown for 143 units with onsite dog grooming

33 Bond Street under construction, photo via Google Maps. Inset rendering via TF Cornerstone

In what marks the fifth affordable housing lottery to open in Brooklyn this year alone, a whopping 143 subsidized units are now accepting applications at Downtown Brooklyn’s glassy residential development 33 Bond St. (alternate address 300 Livingston St.). You’ll be paying on the cheap (rents start at $897/month) while your neighbors splurge big time and both of you get too enjoy the buildings’ ridiculous amenities, including dog grooming, because no luxury housing experience is complete without a professionally cleaned pupper.

The lottery, which opened today, is looking for one- to four-person households making a combined annual income of $32,640 to $54,360, depending on family size. (more…)

01/30/17 3:30pm
Renderings of 86 Fleet Place via CityRealty (left) and YIMBY (right).

Renderings of 86 Fleet Place via CityRealty (left) and YIMBY (right).

The dystopian present is here, and the winners of this just-opened affordable housing lottery will be able to watch the world burn from a cushy luxury rental in this glassy new apartment building. The Blade Runner-esque structure at 86 Fleet St. in Downtown Brooklyn has 29 newly constructed units set aside for those earning 60 percent of the area median income, which quite literally translates to The Middle Class of DoBro (so, one- to six-person families with a combined household income between $30,446 and $63,060 a year). (more…)