01/10/13 5:08pm
The world has flipped and left us here.

The world has flipped and left us here.

Did New York get all cattywampus overnight? In the past 24 hours, Gov. Cuomo said he wants to legalize pot, Joe Biden is actually talking about doing something with the guns, Arrested Development is even closer to coming back, and now a judge blocked a restaurant from opening in Manhattan because it was … overpriced foodie bullshit??!

According to this item tucked in today’s NY Post, the judge said the proposed Chef Driven Market for the edge of Union Square Park and its $18 brunches would not serve the humble park-going masses. And if you ever doubted the effects of Occupy Wall Street, put this quote into your eye holes: (more…)

11/09/11 4:08pm

Mad as hell; gonna watch some movies.

When looking for movies that speak to the 99 percent you’ve got the obvious Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. But that film’s a bit blunt force (also it’s …meh). Or there’s Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A True Love Story, which is specific to our current sociopolitical plight. But for films to really get your proletariat blood boiling, I’ve compiled a list of more conventional entertainment for the masses that contain a Trojan horse of social consciousness, like how you wrap your dogs’ pills in cheese so they’ll take them. If you want to feel like you’re being politically active while remaining in the comfort of your own home, hit up your friend in the 1 percent with a digital projector and pick from the list. After that, you’ll understand why you might not be surprised to see Rowdy Roddy Piper or George Bailey at Zuccotti Park. (more…)

11/02/11 12:59pm

This is what fashionocracy looks like.

Occupiers of Wall Street, Oakland, Boston, the World, it’s time to head home: your demands have been heard. No, not necessarily by governments, or the 1 percent, but by the deal-hunting site DailyCandy. They may not have read your signs, or seen Alan Grayson’s summary of the reasons for your discontent, but by God, they’ve seen what you’ve been wearing for the last month.

That’s right: Daily Candy has allied itself with the 99 percent … who want to wear top designer brands, but just can’t afford to because the Man has Uncle Sam in his pocket. (more…)

10/28/11 4:34pm

Do you have something that says "Dad loves sugar?"

Maybe you should turn down those Snickers this Halloween and go for a Sugar Daddy instead? Taking a page from the Brokelyn tickler file, Eater just published a very straight forward map of the specific places you can go in Manhattan to meet a person who can actually afford to treat you to dinner at said establishment. According to Eater, you can go to The Cannibal to meet “attractive young Murray Hill businessmen” or find a “well-groomed Upper East sider” to split a $26 pizza with at The Mark Hotel. Of course, these fine places might not even let your 99 percenter single ass in there, so you’re welcome to join Team Brokelyn at Hank’s instead. But you’re paying, ladies.