09/30/14 2:55pm
3rd ward

3rd Ward, the way it appears in most people’s minds now.

When we first checked in on Robin Grearson’s project to try to tally up the debt that 3rd Ward owed teachers and students and members, she had guesstimated that the total would come out to somewhere between $20,000 and $50,000. Well, if you were betting on it, you should have taken the over, because Grearson’s total is already up to $70,503. It’s a good thing we live in a society that quickly repays small debts, otherwise the indebted might never see their money! (more…)

08/20/14 3:52pm
3rd ward

Do they owe you anything? Speak up

When the 3rd Ward went under last October, teachers, students, and members were all left holding the bag, with no refunds for members who spent up to $3,200 for lifetime memberships, no final pay checks for the teachers who had put in countless hours at the art space, and no consolation or explanation for the students who signed up for classes. So how much does 3rd Ward actually owe its patrons and participants? One writer is asking people to email her and let her know. (more…)

03/21/14 4:31pm
3rd ward

Coming soon: Synergy!

Having closed in the middle of the night and taken the dreams of artisanal Brooklyn with it, the empty 3rd Ward building has been haunting Bushwick like a ghost, warning everyone with dreams of changing the world not to do it. Or at least not to invite investors along to help them. But FREEwilliamsburg noticed that someone was putting up ads to rent the 10,000-square foot space, so they decided to call the broker and ask about it. Turns out a mystery company is already in there. A mystery company made of buzzwords. (more…)

10/23/13 10:58am
You can still lean to make stuff

You can still lean to make stuff

Now that 3rd Ward has succumbed to terrible decisions and capitalism, people have been wondering what would happen to Brooklyn’s DIY and teaching community. Fortunately, some of those people didn’t want to just sit around asking that question, they decided they’d answer it, by getting the whole community in one place and talking about it. That place? The Brooklyn Brewery tonight, because alcohol as we all know, helps you form ideas. (more…)

10/10/13 1:28pm
Well, so much for that

Well, so much for that

As the New York Observer reported, Brooklyn DIY and art space 3rd Ward suddenly shuttered last night, with no warning. It’s a stunning turn of events for the space, which had managed to be successful enough to spread the gospel of Brooklyn DIY to a branch in Philadelphia. But now it’s gone forever, and you might have some questions about membership refunds, where to take classes now and what’s next for the building. We’ve got some answers. (more…)

09/23/13 12:16pm
Oh the things you'll learn at the Brooklyn Kitchen. via Facebook

Oh the things you’ll learn at the Brooklyn Kitchen. via Facebook

Remember how cool you used to feel singing along to Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” at the end of the school year? It’s not cool in retrospect, right? What, with all the awesome knowledge out there. Don’t worry. Brooklyn is stuffed full of classes you can take this fall if you’re feeling the back-to-school itch, but didn’t get accepted into that Twitter undergrad program you were so excited about. We’ve gone through those classes on your behalf to get you the low-down on some rad things to learn, like becoming a master chef, producing web casts and even faking your own death. (more…)

07/31/13 2:46pm
TODAY TODAY TODAY (via Facebook)

They’ll teach you to dance, for cheaper (via Facebook)

Good news for all you budding artists, creative types and savvy business minds out there: all-encompassing East Williamsburg community art space 3rd Ward is offering half-off memberships, but the discount ends TODAY, so you only have a few hours to finally afford  that intensive woodworking class you’ve been lusting after all these years. Hear that, IKEA? I’m going to build my own goddamn dresser, so you can keep that Malm crap all to yourself . (Note: I will still eat your meatballs) (more…)

07/18/13 9:41am
Our teenage years were just like this

Our teenage years were just like this

1. Head to Book Court for a reading from a book about the Beach Boys’ history as a touring band. Should be a real mental health issues surfin’ safari! (Friday)

2. Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about oysters, but were afraid to ask, at 3rd Ward. But why were you afraid to ask questions about oysters? (Friday)

3. Rooftop Films hosts a screening of i hate myself :), a film about self-loathing in the style of a home movie. So kinda like watching your home movies, but with more bad sex (Friday) (more…)

05/30/13 11:40am
April Kidwell wants to get your pregnant...with comedy. via April Kidwell

April Kidwell wants to get your pregnant…with comedy. via April Kidwell

1. Want to do Bushwick Open Studios but don’t want to stare at art? Brooklyn Fireproof has a musical showcase so you can still appear in touch with culture. Yay! (Friday)

2. Check out a one-man show about Birthright, which for the uninitiated is a free trip to Israel for Jewish 20 soemthings so they can get drunk and hookup. Oh, and appreciate their culture or something (Friday)

3. While everyone is busy clogging up Bushwick studios, why not head down to a Red Hook and Carroll Gardens artwalk? You’ll have the art all to yourself (Saturday) (more…)

05/16/13 2:52pm
Well...these folks do look pretty happy about it

Well…these folks do look pretty happy about it

No matter what kind of outreach efforts real estate developers make in cities, there’s always been a gulf between residents of a city and the people who build the apartments. But Fundrise, a new startup is trying to close the gulf between the everyman and developers by allowing people to crowdfund real estate projects. If we all become real estate investors, will we stop being angry at developers? (more…)