12/24/12 1:00pm
He'll get to your house. He's just taking a smoke break

He’ll get to your house. He’s just taking a smoke break

If you didn’t do any Christmas shopping this year because you were waiting for the end of world, well, we have bad news for you: we’re all still alive. And yet, we’re here to help you make your own Christmas miracle, by rounding up our picks of the 25 best local gifts to get and putting them in one place. We’ve got hand-painted baseball cards, magic rocks that regulate your whiskey temperature, skull bike lights and vegan treats. There’s something for everyone, up to and including those of you who have made the mistake of being Nets fans. So Merry Christmas one and all, even you, Emma Koenig. (more…)

12/21/12 7:00am


If you’ve got a friend who moved here and instantly fell in love with New York (and why shouldn’t they, really?) give them an opportunity to tell people how much they love it without using words. And this isn’t from some fly-by-night operation looking to take advantage of NY puppy love: Brooklyn Charm, the folks behind this necklace have been profiled in this very space, and are going strong with their own Williamsburg storefront where they make plenty of brokester-friendly jewelry pieces. They sell other state charms, but come on, why would you even want one repping another state? You live in New York now, and therefore don’t have time for places like “Ohio” or “Kansas.” New York state love charm, $16, available here or 145 Bedford Avenue

12/20/12 9:00am


What’s the worst part about a glass of whiskey? Well, OK, yeah, finishing it and not having any whiskey left in it. But the second worst part? Having it on the rocks and first having the ice make it too cold, and then racing against the clock to finish it before the ice melts and dilutes it. It’s like, have a little human kindness, frozen water, we’re trying to enjoy our drink here. But with these nifty soapstone cubes from Uncommon Goods, water leaking into your precious, precious booze will be a concern of the past. And don’t worry, despite it’s name “soapstone” has nothing to do with the hygienic product, it’s just called that because it’s so easy to carve. Into say, ice cube substitutes for whiskey. Just store these guys in your freezer and take them out whenever you need them to get your whiskey down to the perfect drinking temperature. Which is apparently 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The more you know. Whiskey stones, $19.50 for a set of six, available from Uncommon Goods

12/19/12 7:00am


Once I heard a story about a girl who got pinned down by a big cat who fell asleep on her tent. So cute, right? Like a kitty purring at the foot of your bed only 10-100 times bigger and more dangerous. This big cat calendar is a good pick for friends who would love to spend the night with a wild animal, every night of the year. Each of these drawings depicts a different fuzz face with an attitude. You’ve got proud lions, pouty looking cougars, alert ocelots, and sultry looking clouded leopards. Hand drawn in B-town by Jacqueline Schmidt of Screech Owl Design. Each purchase sends a few bucks to Panthera.org, which supports the survival of big cats. Big Cats calendar 2013, available at Spoonbill and Sugartown (218 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg) for $22, Screech Owl Design for $24 

12/17/12 10:00am


Do you have family or friends who still make a weird face at you and ask what you could possibly eat when you tell them you’re vegan? There are a couple ways to deal with that. One is to roll your eyes and just leave it alone. But where’s the fun in that? The much more fun way to deal with that is to buy a Super Foxy vegan sweets sampler and replace or remove the labeling so your gift recipient doesn’t know that the candy they’re eating is free of animal products. It’s not like they’ll know until you tell them, because the truffles, fudge, caramels and cookie dough taste like, well, truffles, fudge, caramels and cookie dough. This stuff is seriously delicious, and everyone loves candy. Plus whoever you give it to can then take parts of it and give it as gifts themselves. And yes, this also makes a great gift for people who are already vegan, but then, you must not have been raised to consider gift giving to be an endless series of undermining and one-uppery. Weirdo. Super Foxy Sweets vegan candy sampler, $25, available online here or many Brooklyn locations

12/14/12 8:12am
Photogenically intoxicating. Tres Brooklyn. Photo via BkRV Facebook.

Photogenically intoxicating. Tres Brooklyn. Photo via BkRV Facebook.

Brooklyn branded booze is all the rave lately and everyone has someone on their gift list that appreciates presents of the inebriating variety. From gin to rye to wine to rum, bitters, beer, and bourbon,  you could probably cover your whole gift-worthy circle with cheer in a bottle. Brooklyn as a brand symbolic of “the good life” started with Brooklyn Brewery back in the 70s, but Absolut was the first to stamp Brooklyn on vodka. But that crap tasted like Spike Lee’s secret bathtub moonshine formula and was probably distilled in the vodka equivalent of a sweatshop. Brooklyn Republic Vodka is the true vodka of our borough. Distilled with New York wheat, the formula is blended and purified in small batches with Brooklyn tap water in the company’s plant near the Navy Yard. We don’t know much about vodka tasting (except that it mixes great with, well, anything), but the New York Times describes it as having a “clean aroma, bright flavor and smooth finish.” $24.99 (and under) available and liquor stores throughout Brooklyn.

12/13/12 11:15am

Being this handsome not guaranteed. Actually, never mind, we guarantee it.

What better way to spread your love of Brooklyn then by outfitting everyone you know with stylish digs from your favorite blog? The Brokelyn Apparel shop features an affordable selection of our premium logo tanks and tees designed and handmade locally by Brooklyn Royalty designer and Manufacture NY director Bob Bland.

Because people apparently don’t understand puns anywhere in the rest of the world, your giftee will get a lot of folks staring at their chest being like ‘Where’d you get that awesome Brooklyn shirt? Oh wait (double-take) “Brokelyn”?! That’s hilarious!’ Given this inevitability, we especially favor this green and orange racerback tank. Though, given that “everyone looks busty in it” maybe don’t gift it to your girlfriend or tween cousins. (more…)

12/12/12 7:02am


Let’s be honest, what emergency are you more likely to run into in this miracle age of potable water for all: a lack of water or a lack of whiskey? And don’t think being without whiskey isn’t an emergency. From outdoor movies to giant new stadiums, even at neighborhood spots that you’re just too broke to spend a lot at, a flask of whiskey can turn a pedestrian night into the same blacked out blur everyone else is after, and the folks at the aptly-named Drinking Buddy can help you get there. We’d suggest being careful not to get caught with this fine specimen at a place with any pat downs though, it’d be a shame to lose it to an overzealous security guard. Maybe just tell them that it was passed down to you from your family’s fallout shelter. After all there’s no reason not to try take advantage of the throwback design. $20, from Etsy

12/10/12 11:00am

Costs less than seeing Avatar even.

Even before they made this Mighty Wallet in 3D (which will make your money look bigger than it really is!) we were already devoted fans for two clutch reasons: 1) the expandable back pocket is the perfect place to store both your business cards and Metrocard, making them readily accessible to whip out of your pocket like a savvy city magician without even having to take out the whole wallet; and 2) The cool, arty designs don’t look like a wallet, meaning that the time it fell out of our pocket while biking home drunk one time, it sat on the street like a common pile of trash until we found it the next day. It’s a guaranteed great way to take your relationship with your favorite cute cashier into new dimensions.


12/07/12 7:00am

You’re such a greenthumb. Your plants never die. You’re like the Mother Goose of plants. Ok, I’m a little jealous because I always buy plants  with the best intentions and then I over water them (or something?) and they perish and I throw them away, blaming the shitty Williamsburg air, but save the pots under the sink, just waiting until I become a better gardner. My mom would be ashamed. If you’re good at plants or know someone who is, then why not get them a wearable planter? This tiny little necklace is the perfect place to carry a clipping from your favorite succulent all day long. The Etsy store also sells  flower pots for your bike, lapel and totebags. You couldn’t be any more Portlandia and adorable. $20 via Wearable Planters.