Tackle those yams at Turkey Day 101

Photo by Nocturnetable

Photobucket image by Nocturntable

With Halloween checked off the ’09 holiday list, our fake blood and platinum wig put away, the culinary bounty of Thanksgiving is fast approaching. To help prepare for the meal of the year, Brooklyn Events is presenting fall-themed cooking classes all month in Park Slope. Soups are next week’s theme, followed by Thanksgiving sides and, finally (naturally), desserts. The $25 pricetag might be harder to swallow than those free squash soup instructions online, but an oil-smeared recipe from Epicurious can’t match the camaraderie of a class (or tell you what, exactly, a “slow simmer” means). And it’s way cheaper than all those Manhattan cooking schools.

The classes meet on the next three Tuesday nights, from 7 to 9, in a Park Slope apartment, and they’re led by home-cook extraordinaire Liz Lindenhovious. Food and supplies are included.  Though details of  each night’s menu haven’t been posted yet, we heard that last night’s squash theme involved some butternut squash soup with parmesan sage croutons and roasted acorn squash stuffed with wild rice and sausage. Yes, Please. Did we mention that you get the eat what you make? Space is limited to six people per class, so scurry on over here to sign up, and to see what other Brooklyn events are happening this month.