Sweet job alert: Be the concierge to famous people at BAM

Ira said NO BROWN M&Ms!!

If the idea of getting paid to usher around the likes of Kevin Spacey, St. Vincent and the This American Life crew seems up your alley, then this is the job for you. BAM is looking to hire an artist services representative, which is the person who is responsible for interacting with artists, anticipating their needs, arranging hospitality, being the on-site contact, and otherwise being the gopher/bitch for famous performers. But we bet the kind of famous people they get at BAM are actually pretty nice, like that above list of recent performers (this isn’t Terminal 5 after all).

It’s a temporary gig that runs Aug. 13-December, with a pay between $15-$18 an hour. BAM is advertising a handful of other jobs too in design, marketing and development.