Well, we didn’t say the dogs would like it. Photo by Scott Lynch

It’s been months since he entered the presidential race, and Donald Trump’s lead in the polls might not be a stranglehold, but it does continue to exist. America’s richest racist uncle is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and that means weird stunts based around his campaign can keep happening. Today’s weird stunt is brought to you by the Trump-baiting piñata smashers at Ratter, who rather than choosing a hat-based challenge to Trump like Mayor Tall, are asking people to pick up their dog poop with Trump poop bags. Of course, they need someone to hand out those bags so that Trump’s face can wind up shit-smeared and buried in trash cans across our great city, and you can be that person. Even better, you can get paid.

Ratter says that they’re working on a project slated for November “in which volunteers will help clean up NYC’s rampant dog-shit by utilizing these custom-made Donald Trump dog poop bags.” Dog shit is a problem in the city, and Donald Trump’s demagoguery is a problem nationally, so you could consider grabbing a job giving the bags out to people a double dose of your civic duty. Like we said though, it’s even better than your usual do-goodery because in this instance, you’re going to get paid $15/hour to distribute the poop bags. Want in? Just shoot an email to Ratter at tips [AT] ratter dot com.

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