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We all want to go to Jamaica because it’s warm and has nice beaches and soon it’s going to be cold and miserable here and everyone’s going to be wearing clothing that hides their lovely flesh. However, vacations are expensive. So, why not do the next best thing to taking a trip to Jamaica and check out one of its most famous exports, the crime film The Harder They Come, when it gets shown at Indie Screen tomorrow night.

For the uninitiated, The Harder They Come follows the story of Ivanhoe Martin, played by Jimmy Cliff, as he tries to make it as a reggae singer in Jamaica. He records a hit song, is screwed over by The Man and turns to a life of crime, as he becomes a folk hero to legions of poor Jamaicans. It also has one of, if not the best, soundtracks ever, including songs by Cliff himself, Toots and the Maytals, Desmond Dekker and more.

The screening on Thursday will be celebrating the movie’s 40th anniversary since its release and is presented by caribBEING, a non-profit dedicated to promoting Caribbean cinema. So go check it out and remember that as bad as things might be for you in your struggles with the music businesses, you’re probably coming out ahead of poor Ivanhoe Martin.

The Harder They Come, Thursday September 5, 9pm, Indie Screen, 285 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg, $12

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  1. I know a guy who saw the movie when it came out. Man, you could smoke whatever you wanted in the theater. Those were the days!

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