Swap your way to a full kitchen this weekend

Photo by Alejandra Ramos/3rd Ward

Are you forever wondering what to do with the myriad jars of pickled okra spilling out of your cupboards? Or maybe the thought of one more piece of toast covered in that jam you made last summer makes you want to swear off eating. Diversify your pantry this Sunday (March 18) at 3rd Ward’s BK Swappers two-year anniversary, where you can trade your preserves or foraged foods for some locally made baked goods. And as an anniversary bonus, a swap for non-edible goods such as jewelry, crafts, clothes, and cookbooks will kick off the event at 2pm, followed by a swap for all things edible at 4pm. Plus, the event starts  at 12:30 with discussions and demonstrations from resident 3rd Ward class instructors and Brooklyn DIY food crafters, writers and small business owners. The best part? It’s all free.

BK Swappers Two Year Anniversary at 3rd Ward, Sunday, 12:30pm, 195 Morgan Ave.