Survive the next week-long blackout with this bike-powered generator

bike-powered generator

You laugh, but you also want to binge on Walking Dead while society collapses

Whether we get another huge hurricane or not, eventually society will blessedly collapse, freeing us from the bonds of rapacious capitalism. But also potentially plunging us into darkness. So if you want your collapsed society but still want the ability to listen to Velvet Undergound records, something like a bike-powered generator could really come in handy, couldn’t it? So someone made a YouTube video showing you just how to do that.

Now, obviously we wouldn’t recommend only sitting down and trying to make this when the next blackout happens. It’s slightly complicated and will probably require a friend with a little technical expertise, but it’s not so far out of the realm of possibility that you could make this. Presumably you already have a bikeSo start shopping now for a deep cycle battery, an inverter, a permanent magnet DC motor, a threaded rod (in rod we trust!) and a few other items and you’re on your way to your very own electricity source. Hell, get together with your roommates and make it now and you can stop paying your Con Ed bill.

[h/t BoingBoing, via ANIMAL]