Donning the necessities. (Photo: Daniel Berehulak via the NYT)

On Butterflies: “Ali appears to be untouchable.” [Guardian]
On the Real Thing: “‘Wake up! Wake up! It’s the police!’ she cried.” [GQ]
On Choice: “But if the choices are limited, is the process truly democratic?” [CL]
On Loss: “The news of Smith’s closure came pretty suddenly as well.” [Observer]
On Selflessness: “Yesterday they said, ‘You, you’re free.’ I danced, I jumped.” [NYT]
On Displacement: “Roughly one in four Brooklynites … lives in poverty.” [Daily News]
On Hindsight: “…the suits were cut away from them and incinerated on site.” [Atlantic]
On Tidebreakers: “The [Royals’ stadium] is … perfectly designed to quash riots.” [TNR]
On Ownership: “…Puerto Rico is the last remaining colony of the Americas.” [Nowhere]
On Anti-stitution: “I am as nervous as a person who is meeting an actual hooker.” [Medium]
On Pop Tarts: “…let’s consider the many ways that Swift’s absent navel … gazes back.” [Slate]

Thanks to Sam Corbin for contributing to Sunday Reads.

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