Suffering from #bkgirlproblems? This open bar party might help

Want to wear poncho to this party but don’t want to clash with anyone. #bkgirlproblems

Hey BK girls, are you working too hard? Life out in this great King’s County is rough. There you are in your floral print dress and cardigan and your new edgy haircut with the bangs, working way too hard for way too little. Commuting from Bushwick into the city back into Brooklyn just so you can find a $1 PBR happy hour that maybe includes a pizza, all while trying not to smear your lipstick because that shade of red you finally found is just perfect. We know. It’s hard. And wait, what? They’re still not paying you at your internship? And if they are, they’re paying you how little? Wait, you have how many roommates? Oh, girl. You deserve better.

No one knows that more than other BK girls, who have not only have they set up a Twitter account @bkgirlproblems to commiserate with you, they’ve also decided to throw a cheap-ass party at Delinquency in Williamsburg on Saturday to honor you and yours, with an open bar all night and lots of other freebies.

For a “nominal” fee of $8.00, BK girls and their friends can enjoy:

  • A gift at the door
  • Free hair styling from 10-11pm courtesy of Bushwick’s Tomahawk Salon
  • Sandwiches from QUICKSLAP!
  • A scarf swap just in time for the cool weather
  • Pep talks <3
  • A plaid-themed photo booth


An open bourbon and vodka bar. All night. All night!

The party rages from 9pm til 5am, which means that you’ll only have to wait about five hours until you can catch brunch. Find more details here.

What more do you need? Nothing. So put that glass of water by your bed before you go out, and don’t forget to buy some Excedrin. Go on, girls. You deserve it.