Subway lesson: Don’t throw your bag to hold the doors

You've all thought about it

You’ve all thought about it

When you really, really want to catch a train, the last thing you want to see are the doors closing right in front of your face as you run towards them. “If only I could somehow get the doors open,” you think. And if you’re being totally honest, you’ve also wondered about the effectiveness of hurling your bag or satchel in between the doors to prevent them from closing. Comedian Omid Singh thought that would be a great idea, and here he is explaining to people why maybe you shouldn’t do that.

We now what you’re thinking: “I could do that and hold on to my bag.” Don’t think that. And if you do, here’s the handy lost and found form from the MTA for you. It also probably couldn’t hurt to remember the number of the car you idiotically threw the bag on to.