Hey, haven’t we seen that pattern somewhere before?

Attention Ikea shoppers: so great that you finally got those birch veneer shelves! What a bummer everyone else has them too! Want to pretend your particle board composite storage is something way more quirky and interesting? With Panyl, the grooviest home innovation since clap lights, your Malm dresser doesn’t have to be meh anymore — using giant stickers you can turn it any color you like. Or chevron. Or striped. Or polka dotted. (Here’s a whole mess of Panyl projects for inspiration.) Just for being a Brokelyn subscriber, you can win $50 worth of Panyl to help make your dresser look Odda dis world. Plus Brokelyn readers get a 10 percent discount all month long by entering Brokelyn at checkout.

Expedit Kallax - Colors for a Large Bookcase
Hey, haven’t we seen that pattern somewhere before?

Panyl, which was invented right here in Brooklyn, comes pre-cut for some of the most popular Ikea products or you can order it custom. (You can order some samples before committing.) And it’s fully Brokelyn-tested. We can’t speak for everyone, but we had a great experience when we bought some a few months back, especially because we wanted ANYTHING but Ikea dressers but our wallet intervened. Join the Brokelyn mailing list and you’ll get instructions on how to enter the contest in our Friday morning weekend events blast. Meantime, check out the Panyl website. Maybe you’ll think it’s the Besta too. (Er, sorry.)

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We tried Panyl ourselves. How did we do? BE NICE.

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