The MTA did track work on Borough Hall, but they forgot to take care of how shitty the station itself is. via Flickr

Sorry to break it to everyone who lives off of the 2/3, but Borough Hall just sucks. The Citizens’ Budget Commission released a study qualifying the MTA’s state of disrepair as ‘Sisyphean,’ and listing about two dozen stations whose structural components are in poor shape. And it turns out that Borough Hall, which ranks 6th on the list, has 25 of its 37 major structural components not up to snuff. Yikes, and that’s in addition to it being the hottest station in the borough.

Other stations in the study found to be terrible were Cypress Hills on the J line, 7 Av on the B/Q line, and the Nostrand Av stop on the 3. The Graham Av stop on the L is apparently also pretty bad, with 60% of its structural components in disrepair.

Hey, remember when we told you to go buy a bike?

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