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Now that we’re past Northside and we’re past Governors Ball, you might think we’re done with summer festival season. WRONG! Did you forget about Out in the Streets, the only music festival that takes place at a historic house marking where Brooklyn is separated from Queens? Well if you did, the lineup is here as a reminder that you should go, because it looks like a good one and because there’s gonna be a giant dome with a giant slip ‘n slide in it.

As a refresher, the festival will take place on July 26 and 27 at the Onderdonk House (1820 Flushing Avenue), with a two-day pass running you a mere $25. That’s as much as it usually costs to see a few hours of music, much less two full days of it. It’s worth it too, with names like A Place to Bury Strangers, What Cheer? Brigade, Tiny Victories and Not Blood Paint on the bill. You can see the whole lineup here, just keep in mind that it doesn’t include other fun stuff to be featured at the festival like the aforementioned giant slip ‘n slide, a local flea market put together by Ridgewood Market and a slew of art exhibits. Plus, once you’re at the festival, you can do that “hopping between boroughs thing” that definitely won’t get old fast.

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Compare: two-days worth of music for $25 at Out In The Streets, or half a tab of bad acid for $25 at Coachella.


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