Just in case you were worried Out in the Streets wouldn’t be weird enough, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt will be there.

We’re pretty deep into the summer, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of summer music festival season. For instance, witness the just-concluded Prospect Heights Musical Festival. Or, looking forward, we’ve still got Out in the Streets in front of us in August. We were excited for it just on principle, but now that we’ve seen the lineup, headed up by the likes of Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Wild Yaks and Total Slacker, we’re even more excited.

Since no one should be thinking about the end of the summer in August, Out in the Streets will be sweeping into the big field in the Onderdonk House on August 1 and 2 to help you banish thoughts of back to school sales. In that big field, you’ll be able to see local favorites perform as you hang out in the sun, which is better than seeing them as you hang out in a dark bar. Those local favorites include the likes of Wild Yaks, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Heliotropes, Stranger Cat, Total Slacker and Air Waves among others. So a pretty good mix of chilled out music good lying in the grass and music to help you go totally nuts.

And of course, there’ll be food and baubles from local vendors of those things, to really bring home the feeling of a big music festival on a small scale, right in your backyard. So grab your ticket while you can still get one, since it’s only $35. You know what $35 will get you at Coachella or Bonnaroo? A half a tab of acid, if you’re lucky.

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Compare: two-days worth of music for $25 at Out In The Streets, or half a tab of bad acid for $25 at Coachella.


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