It’s pretty freakin miserable out there today, huh? Don’t despair though, it’s going to be March in two days, which heralds the arrival of spring. Pretty exciting, huh? Of course, we’re not in college anymore (except for those of you in grad school), so we can’t take to the streets screaming “WOOOO SPRING BREAK!” But now maybe we can, because Pine Box Rock Shop is hosting another Vegan Shop-Up, and it’s named for the annual rite of regrettable decisions by college students.

The Shop-Up, if you haven’t been yet, is always a blast. And how could it not, since it combines two of the only things worth living for on this earth: beer and food. There’s a whole slew of vegan merchants, including Super Foxy Sweets, Green Pirate and the always popular Cinnamon Snail food truck. And as a bonus, it’ll be happy hour the entire time you’re shopping, with $1 off every beer and $3 well drinks. It’s all going down on Saturday, March 9, so make sure you don’t have any papers due that Monday so you can spend all day at the bar. Although, that’s how we spent most of college anyway, so…

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  1. They say, “It’s always happy hour during the Vegan Shop-Ups.” Two-for-one kale/beet root juice. Wooohooooo!!!!!

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