Just imagine there’s an audience there, and then imagine them in their underwear if you’re nervous. Photo by Dominic Perri, via Facebook

Are you the resident cutup at parties? Do you have ideas for great stories kicking around in that noggin of yours, aching to be freed? Have you lost the attention of all your friends and are just desperate for an audience, any audience, because you have things to SAY damnit, and people have to hear those things?

You’re in luck because, starting tonight, The Monro Pub (481 5th Ave., South Slope) is starting a storytelling series, and they’re looking for a few good (or at least brave) yarn-spinners to come on by and share their stories with their fellow booze hounds.

According to South Slope News, starting tonight at 8:30pm and running every second and fourth Thursday of the month, Reveal: A Storytelling Event will invite any and all comers to stop by and tell whatever story they’re willing to share. Pretty much anything goes at tonight’s inaugural event, and themes are likely to be implemented in the future to spice things up. Stories should be kept at around 10 minutes long (tonight, at least), while they work to get in as many tales as possible.

If you desire to revive the oral tradition, you can email to sign up in advance (revealastory [AT] gmail.com) or, if you’re feeling spontaneous, just show up and see if there’s a spot open. Who knows? This might be the big break you were looking for, or at least a way to finally share that short story you’ve been “writing” for the past two years and are still working on, you swear.

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