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Despite his death in 2009, Michael Jackson still lives on thanks to his music, celebrations of his legacy and the occasional ghost appearances in your bathroom that no one ever believes you see. We can’t speak to that last one, but Spike Lee has always been one to celebrate the music and legacy that Jackson left behind, and after a three-year pause, his Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson party is coming back to Brooklyn on August 24 according to DNA Info.

Lee’s party hasn’t been held since 2011, when Hurricane Irene ruined things for everyone, but Jackson’s birthday celebration is back on this year at Restoration Plaza (1368 Fulton Street, Bed-Stuy) on August 24. There isn’t much known about Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson beyond the fact that everyone gets to dance to Michael Jackson music all day courtesy of DJ Spinna, and that celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Tracy Morgan have popped in to previous parties. What more could you possibly want though? Someone to exorcise that bathroom ghost Well, maybe you’ll find someone there who can.

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