Koenig and Snyder, pictured above, will regale you with behind-the-scenes tales of WNYC’s Serial. via BAM website

Hey so, remember last week, when we told you all about how to make a podcast? Well now that you have some pointers from the experts, you can hold your own for an evening with couple of podcast celebrities. Come September, the makers of Serial are landing at BAM to discuss all things related to the sudden takeover of the viral This American Life podcast, Serial. 

Serial’s inaugural season telling the story of Adnan Syed, a sentenced felon whose conviction was taken to task by journalist Sarah Koenig, dominated the virtual airwaves and was a binge listen breakthrough in the podcast world. As a matter of fact, though witness accounts had faded somewhat over the years, Koenig’s investigation and the popularity of the podcast combined to champion a court order for Syed to seek retrial.

That’s not exactly the focus of this show at the Peter Jay Sharp building of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (30 Lafayette Avenue) on September 25. Instead, Serial host Koenig and her producer Julie Snyder will use the opportunity to discuss the podcast more as a “cultural phenomenon,” detailing what they believe made this story so damn popular.

Tickets start steep-ish at $35. But for 90 minutes with the greats who brought you hours of free binge-worthy content, we’d say that sounds about fair.

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