“How many other buildings with smokestacks do you see?” people will tell their friends when they want to meet in front of your concession stand. via mcbrooklyn

So you’ve read our comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about breaking in to the restaurant business in Brooklyn. You’re also brimming with confidence that your half meat/half veggie burger will revolutionize vegetarian-omnivore¬†relations (vegans are hopeless). All you need now is a space to grow your business and spread your gospel. Fortunately for you, Brooklyn Bridge Park is looking for a vendor at the utilitarian-named Smokestack Building, conveniently located right next to the bridge itself.

If you’re completely new to it, you might want to try to grab a partner with some experience in the food game, because the BBP isn’t looking for a complete novice. They’re also looking for environmentally friendly practices and someone that understands the role of a concession stand in promoting community. So in other words, don’t tell them your plan to get rid of your garbage is to dump it in the river. If you’re interested, register for an RFP here, and good luck. At the very least, you might save us from another damn frozen yogurt place.

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