Smith-9th Street station to finally, finally open in April

It DOES exist. via Brooklyn Pix

It DOES exist. via Brooklyn Pix

It’s always weird to report on good news about the G train. In part because no matter what the good news is, it’s never “The MTA has decided waiting six years for a G train might be too long.” But, you take what you can get we suppose, and we will certainly take this news. After an endless era of construction, the Smith-9th Street station will finally be ready for you to stand around and crane your neck down the tracks. Even more places to go on the G train now!

The Wall Street Journal reports that the MTA told undoubtedly pissed off residents of Gowanus and Red Hook that yes, the mythical station will be reopening on April 22. What do users of the highest subway station in the world get after that interminable wait? Some nice art touches like a 14-foot mosaic, a couple anti-crime features in improved lighting and closed-circuit television and a 14-foot enclosed escalator, which would breakdown the day it opened if this were Washington, DC. So Gowanus and Red Hook people, does all this sound good? Was it worth the wait? And do you actually think the station will reopen in a month, or will something else go wrong?

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  • “Was it worth the wait?”

    Would probably be a good idea to talk about how the Culver Viaduct was structurally unsound and the vast majority of the work didn’t concern aesthetics but rather engineering. Just maybe worth a nod.