Slash costs with a hori hori knife & other really simple tips

picture-381According to Real Simple Magazine, even your potatoes are ripping you off. Buying a few loose spuds for your Bubbie’s latkes will cost you twice the price of a bulk bag (plus, the more latkes the better.) A fun money-saving feature on the mag’s web site also tells you say no to non-grocery items at the supermarket and yes to multi-use gadgets like the “hori hori” garden tool (part knife and part trowel), an affordable way to keep your “yard” (see also 3×5 patchy lot) in check.

Feeling the urge to call Moscow? Visit, and find international rates as low as 1.5 cents/min in comparison $1.70/min at Verizon. So slap on a smile and start saving (and jeeze Louise, we can’t see the fillings in the back of your teeth–so opt for silver instead of white enamel and pay half the price for four-times the strength). For lots more of this sort of thing, check out Real Simple‘s “How to Save On…” guide.

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  • i can see the fillings in the backs of your teeth when you laugh, and they are silver, and the make your mouth look weird and dark and gray. go porcelain.