Shut up and get on the bike: It’s free bike-in movie time!

Just because summer’s almost over doesn’t mean the free movies have to end too. This Saturday, The Well brings back the bike-in movie concept for an outdoor viewing of Shut Up and Play the Hits: The Very Loud Ending of LCD SoundsystemFor those arriving on two wheels, the evening will start with a bicycle valet; there will also be a bbq (with vegetarian options) to enhance your viewing pleasure, in addition to The Well’s supply of more than 300 beers, a “wall of liquor,” and even 20 kinds of champagne, if you’re feeling fancy after having your bike valeted.  The evening promises a fun time for both fans of LCD Soundsystem, and those who just want to check out a new bar with an outdoor space and a bbq. Full details of the night can be found here.