See what your donations accomplished at the Kickstarter Film Fest

Flex dancing will be on display at the Kickstarter Film Festival

Flex dancing will be on display at the Kickstarter Film Festival

So you went ahead and gave some money to a Kickstarter that you thought was worthy of your cash. Have you seen it yet? It makes sense that you haven’t, people are busy. But Kickstarter does want you to see what you’ve helped make, so to that end, they’ve been holding a film festival the last couple of years to show off the good work  you’ve been funding. And this year’s festival will be in Brooklyn, at the brand new Havemeyer Park.

The 3rd Annual Kickstarter Film Festival will be screening pieces of ten successfully funded Kickstarter movies in the (hopefully) beautiful outdoors on Saturday August 3. Some of the movies are local, such as Flex is Kings, a movie about Brooklyn-based flex dancers in East New York and Everybody Street, a documentary about NYC street photographers. Others are features, like The Cub a comic short about parents who willingly let their children be raised by wolves.

It all goes down at Havemeyer Park at 7pm, it’s all free, and there’s going to be food and “decent” beer as well. Although we like like Genesee Cream and consider that decent, but we imagine the beer will be better than that. Still, there’s definitely worse things to do on a Friday night than sit in a park, watch some movies and think, “Hey, I could do that too.” Just watch out for errant cyclists from the bike park.

3rd Annual Kickstarter Film Festival, Saturday August 3, 7pm, Havemeyer Park, Williamsburg, FREE