See Jonathan Ames at the Brooklyn Historical Society for just five bucks

jonathan ames

You think he’d be more smiley for a guy with his own HBO show

Of all of the literary Jonathans in New York, Jonathan Ames seems like he’s the most fun. The literary gadfly, man-about-town and guy who’s never been afraid to make fun of himself or his sexual misadventures has managed to achieve success most of us would take, while still being an alright dude. Want to find out how? Well, ask him, because he’s gonna be on stage at the Brooklyn Historical Society (128 Pierrepoint Street, Brooklyn Heights) as the guest on Person, Place, Thing on July 23 which is…hey, tomorrow!

Ames will be the guest on Randy Cohen’s Person, Place, Thing, tomorrow at 6:30pm a podcast and public radio show in which Cohen (who you might recognize as the New York Times‘ ethicist before some other person took over) talk to similarly famous and interesting people. In this instance, it’s gonna be Brooklyn’s own Jonathan Ames. Maybe you’ll find out his writing habits, or if he’d be willing to spar with you. Maybe you can find out if he thinks HBO is run by a bunch of jerks since they didn’t renew Bored to Death.

Of course, no matter what you find out, the best part about all of this is that it’ll cost you just five measly dollars to show up and see it. It’s free if you’re a member of the Brooklyn Historical Society, and aren’t you fancy if you are. Either way, grab a ticket here, and if you’re gonna heckle, don’t yell “Hey we’re bored to death over here.” That’s so trite.