See the dialogue in terrible 90s sitcoms replaced at Live-Dubbed Sitcoms

full house

As the saying goes, “John Stamos should be seen and not heard”

If 10,000 BuzzFeed quizzes can be trusted, you people just can’t get enough of the 90s. Yes, you’re all a bunch of 90s kids stuck in the 1990s, all comparing which Family Matters episode you are. Presumably the one we’re you’re Urkel does something funny. Anyway, a new event at Videology, Live-Dubbed Sitcoms, should appeal to you. At least it should if you recognize that 90s sitcoms like Full House and Family Matters are funnier if the audio track is muted and replaced with dubbed-over dialogue by expert improv comedians.

Live-Dubbed Sitcoms comes to us courtesy of Jo Firestone, reigning title holder in the “Oddest Human in New York” Comedian division. At the event on Thursday night, you’ll be able to see Jo and other comedians like Rekha Shankar, Aaron Jackson and more replace turn an episode of Full House into a noir movie and replace every line in a Family Matters episode with musings on pizza, for just five bucks.

Or at least that’s what the event says will happen. In reality, it’s improv, so you don’t actually know what will happen at all. Well, beyond you being an adult and actually being able to laugh at things happening on screen during those terrible family-friendly sitcoms.