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Magic is happening. Between 11am and 5pm tomorrow, you will have the power to make ice cream teleport to you! No more chasing down the ice cream truck like a short-legged suburban tyke. Using your smartphone, you can order yourself ice cream delivery, grown-up style. 

Here’s the scoop. UberNYC is partnering up with Mister Softee and Van Leeuwen trucks to bring ice cream trucks to you. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry!

How to make it happen for you:

1) Download Uber

2)Request the “Ice Cream” option via the app.

3) If a truck is available then within minutes you and your friends will be lickin’ it up.

Each truck delivery can accommodate up to $30 of ice cream for up to six people. Van Leeuwen will be serving their chocolate, mint chip, vanilla and strawberry flavors, and Mister Softee will be offering vanilla and chocolate cones with toppings. It’s a no cash operation, your sweet treats will be charged to your Uber account.

Demand will be high–obviously, it’s delivery ice cream in the sweltering doldrums of NYC summer–so you might not succeed on your first phone call. Keep trying, you owe it to your sweaty, parched self.

Even better, if for some reason you want to leave your neighborhood, you can use the code “ICECREAM” to get a $20 credit for your cab ride. In the meantime, tomorrow you can follow along on twitter @uber_nyc and #UBERICECREAM. Just don’t do it while you’re eating the ice cream. Wouldn’t want to drip any all over your expensive phone.

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