Soon to be a Wes Anderson joint

The Boy Scouts are (allegedly) a fun way to grow up, learning about nature and camaraderie and the fleeting joy connected to small rewards. I wouldn’t know, I was never a scout. One Windsor Terrace father was though, but found that the Scouts’ policies towards gay members was a deal breaker when he thought about enrolling his own son in them. So, in yet another case of that Brooklyn DIY spirit, he went and started his own damn scout troop.

Todd Schweikert has just recently begun his troop, named the Fifth Brooklyn Scouts (which makes us worry about what happened to troops one through four), under the umbrella of the Baden-Powell Service Association. BPSA is a lesser known scouting association than the Boy Scouts, but a scouting association nonetheless, so you can rest assured that it’s not just some crazy guy holing up with his three kids.

The Fifth Brooklyn Scouts will use Prospect Park for nature observation, and also do traditional scouting activities like camping, hikes and community service. No word on whether or not they’ll do more whimsical activities like making their own mayo, learning Garage Band so they can mix their own albums or if any of them will run away together in a whimsical look at the awkwardness and joy of first love.

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  1. One thing they definitely won’t be doing – teaching homophobia, sexism, or religious intolerance to children. That alone makes it pretty awesome, and definitely the right choice for scouting in BK.

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