Saturday: Field trip to Dead Horse Bay, other odd must-sees

Dead Horse Bay, photo courtesy of Brit in Brooklyn. (Click here for more.)

Dead Horse Bay, photo courtesy of Brit in Brooklyn. (Click photo for more.)

Whenever we Brokelynites want an out-of-the-way vacation destination, we just pop over to our little secret Mediterranean island for cabana boys and mai-tais.

Seriously? We’re lucky if we can afford a trip across the GWB, but we’ve been tipped off to a site that could transform even a Jersey-cation from a mall tour to a chance to see the antenna that sparked the Big Bang Theory or the fabled Gates of Hell.

The site is, a user-generated site devoted to oddball locales around the world. Be forewarned—you will spend the next several hours contemplating a trip to Australia to visit Magnetic Hill, Germany’s Museum of Floating Debris, or the Harmonic Bridge in North Adams, Mass.

There are some Brooklyn gems as well—including the trash picker’s dream, Dead Horse Bay (bring your Flickr login) and the abandoned Atlantic Avenue subway tunnels. The most exciting part? This Saturday (March 20) is Obscura Day, and the site has organized group tours for these BK treasures as well as all the other weird places they cover.

Finally, a chance to show up that know-it-all New Yorker who claims to know every bar and bodega in the city. Or, the most bizarre mental vacation you’ll take this year (and the chance to become versed in webspew).

Dead Horse Bay: FREE, tour by Underground New York
2pm, 2 train to Flatbush Ave, Q35 to “last stop before the bridge”

Atlantic Avenue Tunnel: $20, sold out- overflow tour March 28
1:15pm, Atlantic and Court under the clock

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