Sandy got away with our meatballs

Sandy washed this boat ashore just down the street from Ikea. Photo by The Atlantic.

Sandy did her best to bring the Hudson River to Red Hook, and as a result, Brooklyn is left without meatballs, umlaut-based furniture and a destination for fresh produce.

From the Ikea website:

IKEA Brooklyn will be closing at 3pm October 28th and remain closed through Wednesday, October 31. We hope to resume business Thursday morning, November 1….There will be NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT to and from IKEA Brooklyn after 7pm Sunday until further notice. Please check the MTA website for updates. Due to Hurricane Sandy there will be NO HOME DELIVERIES from Monday October 29th through Wednesday October 31st. In addition there will be NO WATER TAXI SERVICE to and from IKEA and Pier 11 in Manhattan from Sunday October 28th through Wednesday the October 31st.

The phone at Fairway seems to have been disconnected, so we’re assuming it’s also closed. Any Red Hook readers have reports?

Update: The Red Hook Fairway is apparently giving away it’s perishables. Have at ’em!

One Comment

  • I was down at Red Hook yesterday around Fairway. There were a few workers there tossing out lots of ruined product. Other workers were moving carts of food into the store, presumably from where they stored it in a safe place. The high water mark was at least 2-3 feet, so I’m sure they’re going to be closed for quite a bit.

    Here’s some photos of Red Hook yesterday, including Fairway: