Salary voyeurism on FiPS

picture-244Why is it so much fun to find out how much people make, even if you don’t know them? On FiPS, this week’s edition of “Who Gives a Shit?” invites readers of the salty Park Slope blog to answer the question: What do you do and how much do you get paid to do it? Some of the answers: a $75,000-a-year industrial designer of animal products “things that squeak” (like the duck in the next item?), a charter-school teacher who makes $64,000 and an executive assistant at a non-profit (a “clueless creative working a dayjob”) for $50,000. The lowest paid people have no jobs at all, of course, and on the other end is a junior investment banker who makes $150,000. But where are all the strippers and drug dealers? The richie riches? Those people who supposedly make $300 a day linking to Google Ads? Don’t any of them live in Park Slope? Read the full list here and add your own, for no good reason.