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Roll out the hand-stitched red carpets! Put on your finest tweed cap, then doff it! Honk your cab horns in majestic awe! His royal highness Prince William and his wife, Princess Kate Middleton are coming to visit Brooklyn this weekend! As much press as Brooklyn has gotten over the last few years, the Royal Family might not be up on what the best things to do and see while they’re on our side of the pond. So, we thought we’d use our expertise to give the royal duo a guide to show the Brooklyn good time they deserve. 

brooklyn queens expressway
via Flickr user Steven Vance

-The Brooklyn-QUEENS Expressway

-KINGS County Saloon

-ROYAL Palms Shuffleboard Club

-KINGS County Hospital Center


windsor terrace
via Flickr user Connie

-WINDSOR Terrace



-Double WINDSOR Bar (or just WINDSOR terrace in general)

-Barnes and NOBLE

-WALES (whales) watching

-ROYAL Jewels


kings highway

-KINGS Highway


-ROYAL Fried Chicken KING

-QUEEN Italian Restaurant

-ROYAL Aqua World


white castle
via Flickr user Ari Moore


-Three KINGS Tattoo

-St. GEORGE Hotel

-CROWN Victoria

-A ROYAL Flush port-o-potty at any of Brooklyn’s many construction sites



kings laundromat

-KINGS Laundromat





crown heights
via Flickr user ehousely

-CROWN Heights

-CROWN Fried Chicken

-The Brooklyn unemployment office, because those fucking transplant royals need to stop living off their parents and get JOBS

Expertly culled suggestions via Magaret Bortner, David Colon, Tim Donnelly, Chelsea Leibow, Eric Silver and Dave Rosado

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