It’ll be soothing, in a rising-from-the-primordial-ooze kind of way. via Pixshark

Spa day just got a whole lot cheaper. According to the Observer, Rockaway Beach is going to be getting its own little mud bath and seltzer shack, right in the spot where Rockaway Taco used to be. The shack will be part leisure experience, part den of small wonder. Owner and operator Frank Traynor is the guy who runs The Nothing Catalog, which used to be a den of curiosities in Bushwick but has since been re-imagined as, well, this mud bath and seltzer shack in the Rockaways. 

“The Nothing Mud and Seltzer House” will feature a five-foot-deep cement cylinder that can accommodate four bathers at a time, the Observer reports, and folks are welcome to purchase seltzer from the side-room to drink in the mud as they bathe. The idea of pairing hot mud and cold seltzer is either thrilling or nauseating, but you can judge that for yourself when you go.

The shack is slated to open in a few weeks’ time. For now, Traynor plans to offer appointments on Saturdays and Sundays only. Baths will cost $7 for fifteen minutes in the mud. You can wash it all off in the ocean afterwards. Slather, rinse, repeat.

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