Ridgewood resident giving out free tattoos at his house parties

josh kil

What better place to get a tattoo than a party? via DNA Info

Tattoos are great, but tattoos are also expensive, which presents you with somewhat of a dilemma: how do you get this great thing while also doing things like “paying rent” and “eating food that doesn’t come from a Dumpster”? Well, you can finally do all of those things, thanks to Ridgewood’s Jason Kil, who’s been throwing parties at his place where he gives out free tattoos to partygoers. And not embarrassing things like you draw on people with markers when they fall asleep first (or with their shoes on), these are tattoos that people ask for.

DNA Info has the story on Kil, who you can trust since he apprenticed at Greenpoint’s East River Tattoo. Every few weeks, he puts out needles and ink and proceeds to tattoo the guest who show up at his apartment, working from early in the evening to around three in the morning. And it sounds like Kil puts work into these tattoos, it’s not some kind of assembly line thing, maxing out at nine tattoos per night.

Kil said he does both for practical reasons (his friends are poor artists who like tattoos) and for philosophical ones, seeing it as a refreshing rejection of capitalism. If you’re too poor for tattoos or just want to get a free one, you can get in touch with Kil at josh3rdeye[AT]gmail.com for info on the next time he decides to just start inking people up all willy-nilly.

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