Ride The Cyclone for free at Coney Island’s Opening Day this Sunday!

the cyclone coney island

Ready? Ready? Annnnnd…. via Facebook

Cheesy Pete, that rent news is really depressing. We need a reset, something that actually makes life worth living still. Oh, here’s something: Sunday is Coney Island’s official opening day, and in addition to the Cyclone being blessed so as to get rid of all it’s bad winter-absorbed juju, the first 100 people in line get to ride for free. Maybe everything will be alright? Well, it won’t be, but man, let us just pretend for a day.

The ceremony on Sunday starts at noon, but people will probably be lining up before then, so this will require a bit of waking up and dragging yourself somewhere. Not into the whole “waking up before 11″ thing? Don’t worry, admission on the roller coaster will be just $6 that day for the people who didn’t get to ride for free.

It’s supposed to be 61 degrees on Sunday and that’s good enough for beach weather to us, so we’d definitely suggest heading out to Coney early so you can be one of the lucky 100. More than just the opening day for a rollercoaster and an amusement park, Sunday marks yet another victory in a battle in our unceasing war against winter and its buzzkill and destruction of the human spirit. So wear something festive, like you’re attending the funeral of a hated enemy.