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After many false starts, it might be spring, maybe. Just in time for summer! In that case, you obviously want to to get out there on a bike with all of your friends, but you might have the slight issue of not having a bike. In which case, Ride Brooklyn’s Park Slope location (468 Bergen Street) is coming to the rescue, at least if you’re a lady, with a live ride demo and 10% off sale for all of their Giant women’s bikes on Saturday.

We understand you could be slightly confused there, so just to clarify, this is a sale on women’s bikes made by bike company Giant. Not bikes that are larger than average, not bikes for 50-foot women, just regular-sized bikes for women who are also regular-sized. If that’s you though, you should definitely head to Ride Brooklyn between 10am and 4pm tomorrow, because they’ve got a whole bunch of bikes that you can test out and then if you like them, take them home for 10% off. And hey, since it’s National Bike Month, now is as good a time as ever to buy a bike.

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