Reminder: Have you done your damn taxes yet? You’re not alone

Occupy photo by Flickr's Jamie NYC.

You’ve got barely a week left to file your 2012 taxes, which means it’s either time to find out how much the gubmint took from you that it shouldn’t have this year or time to suck it up and go see your tax guy again even though you took none of his very intelligent advice last year. Whether you have simple one-form taxes or an intimidating patchwork quilt of freelance 1099s, it’s not too late to get some free outside help: Brooklyn College offers walk-in free tax preparationsBrooklyn Coop offers free tax prep for people who earn less than $25,000 or self-employed people with expenses less than $10,000. St. John’s Bread & Life in Bed-Stuy offers free tax prep if you are single and earn less than $20,000 or if you’re married and earn between $50k and $55k.

For more tips on how to DIY taxes, whether to trust those store-front guys in Statue of Liberty costumes and maximizing your freelance expenses, check out our last-minute tax prep guide. Because remember: the IRS doesn’t care how clever your Occupy sign was; it just wants your money.