Reluctant plug for 2-for-1 makeup at Rite Aid

Picture 25We’re not big fans of Rite Aid for all kinds of reasons (mean manager at the one near our place, cooler NY-centric branding at Duane Reade) but far be it from us to stand on principal when there’s a BOGO sale on makeup going on. That’s retail-speak for buy-one-get-one-free—on all Revlon and Almay products through Saturday (Jan. 16). On all L’Oreal items and assorted things from Maybelline, Cover Girl and Physicians Formula etc., it’s buy one, get half off the second. Nowhere in the store was the dead-lady grey nailpolish that all the fashion chicks are wearing (Chanel, right?), but those seductive yellow tags got us wondering: Which drugstore cosmetics are any good? Everyone knows cheap mascara is legit, but how about foundation and moisturizers? Do you have a favorite? Our very glammy friend Sheryl, the Bitchcakes weight-loss blogger, swears by Covergirl Outlast and L’Oreal Lipfinity. And if you can’t trust someone who rides a century without smearing her lipstick

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  • Burt’s Bee’s lip balms (particularly the pomegranate)

    L’Oreal True Match Foundation

    the two-ended concealer that Meybelline sells (one side for undereye, other for pimples/blemishes)

    Almay for remover, and any eye makeup they produce.

  • As a former makeup artist: yes to cheap eyeliner, lipstick and nailpolish. No to cheap pigment-based things like blush, eyeshadows and foundation. And HECK YEAH to inexpensive mascara (although the $24 per tube stuff is dreamy).

  • I love knowing that Amber from the Amber Show is a former makeup srtist. BTW, a beauty editor slipped me some Clarins mascara–don’t even know the price–and it made me never want to look at a tube of L’Oreal again

  • I can’t believe you remembered that! It’s true. I wear all drug store makeup except for powder. That’s my only “splurge”. I love when Rite Aid does their 2 for 1, that’s when I stock up!

  • Revlon nail polish stays chip-less longer than any other I’ve tried. I also love some Rimmel products – I use their concealer stick, eyeliner, and blush. Some Rite Aid stores carry Prestige lipsticks, which I like – they’re in a grey packaging and signage is usually limited.