Cover based on Super Bushwick World by Ken Kocses.

Bushwick Open Studios is just barreling towards us now, and with all the awesome events, open galleries, performances and other neighborhood art-related madness going down there this weekend, it might seem a little overwhelming. Luckily, our friends over at Bushwick Daily have been hard at work putting a guide together to help you navigate BOS, and they’ll be distributing print copies all over the neighborhood this week. Yes, that’s right, actual printed material.

The 24-page guide, called NO BS BOS, is the blog’s first printed publication, and has been a joint effort by the whole team. It’s full of features, maps, fun facts and information to help you jump around all 606 shows on display this weekend, from Morgan to Jefferson to Dekalb to Myrtle-Broadway, plus there’s cool art and other goodies inside. They’ll be handing the guide out at subway stops in Williamsburg and Bushwick this weekend, and be sure to check bars and other local joints for copies, too; the guide is totally free, but there are only 5,000 copies available, so get them when you can!

NO BS BOS launches tomorrow at 9 pm with a free party at Art Helix (299 Meserole Street, Williamsburg), DJed by The Drums; show up at 7 to catch a panel discussion documenting changes in Bushwick’s artist community.

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