Reader question: Where to watch Mad Men in Brooklyn?

Is that a girly drink in front of Don?

Is that a girly drink in front of Don?

Y’all had brilliant suggestions for curly haircuts, so here’s another query, from cable-less reader Andrew, for the collective Brokelyn brain trust:

Do you know if there’s any place—a bar?—in Brooklyn that has Mad Men “viewing parties,” AKA, has a TV that shows Mad Men? I don’t have cable, but I want to get into this show, which at this point appears to be the only worthwhile show on TV.  I know I can probably watch old episodes online . . . but that’s not as fun. HELP!

Any ideas for Andrew, folks? Bonus for bars with show-appropriate drink specials (an old-fashioned is very Don Draper and a vodka gimlet very Betty, according to The Times).

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