Rosie 151 heats up your Mardi Gras

1. It’s a Monday. What better day to think deeply about the many ways to measure time? (Monday)

2. A debate to determine whether 80s music or 90s music is the best. Both answers will be wrong because Celebration Rock didn’t come out until 2012 (Monday)

3. The Franklin Park reading series turns to stories about drifters and wanderers. Finally, somewhere to impress people with your ability to speak conversational Hobo (Monday)

4. Not only can you get your cookbook signed at Powerhouse Area, you can also swap cookies with people in attendance. Maybe swap phone numbers too, so you can swap spit. And then keys (Tuesday)

5. Someone cooked a bunch of Betty Crocker recipes vegan-style and wrote a book about it, and now she’ll be at Greenlight sharing how to do that. The cooking, not getting published (Tuesday)

6. Secret Science Club welcomes you to the Terrordome Microbiome (Tuesday)

7. It’s Fat Tuesday, so get some New Orleans-style decadence in the form of powerfully intoxicating burlesque babe Rosie 151 and Brooklyn’s own jazz dudes the Red Hook Ramblers (Tuesday)

8. Check out True Romance at Videology. We hear it’s White Boy Day there (Wednesday)

9. Readers at the Renegade Reading Series don’t play by your rules. Except for the ones about speaking words out loud in a pre-determined order (Wednesday)

10. See people read their journals and secret notes from their embarrassing adolescent lives at Cringe, be embarrassed that yours was really boring (Thursday)

11. Union Pool turns their bar into a village of love with Jonathan Toubin, a date auction and a makeout room. So, don’t makeout at the bar (Thursday)

12. If you’re single and going out dancing on Valentine’s Day, make that dancing smutty (Thursday)

13. Powerhouse hosts a Pulitzer winner and a Man Booker winner and Leonard Lopate all on the same night in the most highbrow night of the week (Friday)

14. Get oral tips from some cunning linguists at Babeland, and just in time for the weekend too (Friday)

15. Head to Heart Failure to put a little poison in your heart the day after Valentine’s Day (Friday)

16. It’s a post-Valentine’s Party Like It’s 1999, which will hopefully be way less lonely than the same day when we were 15 (Friday)

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