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No matter how many successful locations your local franchise has, you’re not a success until you’ve opened one in Brooklyn. That’s our philosophy anyway. And apparently the philosophy of the two brothers behind Dos Toros taqueria, because they’re so excited about opening a Williamsburg location that they’re practically giving their food away. Scrounge up the change in your couch cushions, because if you find 100 pennies, you can get yourself an entire burrito!

Dos Toros already has locations in the West Village, the Upper East Side and Union Square, but they can consider that all practice. Because now they’re opening up shop in Williamsburg, where despite the fact that the resident are rail thin, they can house a burrito with the best of them. So what does this mean for you, the hungry brokester? An email that landed in our tips box informed us that you should find a dollar in your wallet, head to their location at 189 Bedford Avenue and slap that dollar on the counter. Today only, it will get you a burrito, a quesadilla or 2 tacos. And don’t worry about quality, these aren’t soggy, Taco Bell-level Mexican’t tubes of sadness. The picture above is an example of the one of the burritos you can get yourself, chock full of locally sourced cruelty-free vegetables and hormone-free meats.

So yes, it means you can finally have a burrito eating contest with your friends, based on either speed or volume, without bankrupting yourself, and also yes, that is gross but an excellent idea. And if you miss out today, you can always head to Bushwick to have a taco race with your buddies, based on some of our expert advice.

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